Saturday, February 22, 2014

Think Spring.....Crochet Flowers

It is time to move on, get out of the Winter Doldrums and  Spring is just around the corner.

This is a project that took some time to put together. The Leaves and Roses were worked out by looking at a doily that my grandmother crocheted when I was a child. She could just look at a piece and know how to crochet it. I still remember her crochets and watching TV.

You can see a picture of one of her original doilies  at Vintage Rose Doily. Her roses were stiffened using a sugar syrup to give them their shape I worked some White Roses to experiment with the sugar water and rose shapes. The turned out quite lovely but have a limited application because they can only be used where they will never get wet or crushed.

I used the same patterns to make these Pink Roses and held them together with thread instead. They are much more useful for clothing and accessories. You can find the Patterns and more pictures at these links for Pink Roses and White Roses.

The leaves were actually more difficult to figure the pattern for, Even after I figured out the stitch used, I just didn't get it that they were started from the tip instead of the stem end of the leaf. Somehow it came to me to start from the other end and they worked just fine. Click Green Leaf Pattern to see how the pattern works.

Happy Crocheting